Egyptian Eye: String Art Painting


3D Artifact made entirely by hand using the String Art technique, with materials of the finest quality, based on our personal collection of illustrations.

Handcrafted by: Andreas Memlikas

Dimensions: 32x38cm
Nails: 434

We handcraft works of art made from wood, yarn & nails using a variety of techniques to create an outstanding 3D effect. Artworks can be hung or placed on a surface. We use 100% vegetable silk of different colors, 18mm Plywood worked and painted by hand, 20mm Wire Nails & Water based paint and Wood Stain. Each artifact is unique and cannot be replicated. Each one bears a certificate of Authenticity on the back.

All artworks come carefully bubble wrapped for extra protection. Packs are sent registered. If you require special or different handling and shipping please request.